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Future is what you make it

16 Nov

Ask“How do you picture yourself fifteen years from now? What is the ideal job for you?” I asked some eighth graders these questions and I found out that most of them have an optimistic perspective on their life. They want to become police officers, doctors, teachers, architects or fashion designers. It’s not bad at all… More interesting is to see how they will achieve their goals as not all of them realize that education is the way.

Many a time, teenagers consider that school is “a burden” and teachers are only meant to “torment” them and stop them from doing what they want. When they are asked about their expectations from school, as institution, and from teachers, teenagers are less determined. They are not sure what they would do to improve things or if they were supposed to decide. This attitude may come as a result of their lack of experience, of the fact that they take everything so easy and imagine that life is but a never-ending party. It is our duty as teachers (and parents) to help them understand that “learning” is the keyword to their future. It is our duty to make the classes as interesting and accessible as possible. It is our duty to inform them that a solid career is based on solid knowledge. It is their duty to learn and contribute to mankind’s progress.

Dream Job

It is their duty to understand that the way they plan their future will influence everybody’s life and this planning should start now by studying and hard work.

There are plenty of things to talk about on this subject, and I can’t and won’t approach all possible perspectives, but I think we should all give serious thoughts to the way children perceive school and education in relation with building their future. I didn’t mean this article to sound impersonal or use “empty” words (I truly hope it didn’t happen!). It's hard to chooseBut I am deeply involved in this process both as a parent and as a teacher. I am upset to see that 98% of my pupils are tempted to cheat when given a test paper. Where did honesty go? How can we convince them that cheating is not an option? Maybe somebody will be able to answer these questions some day. Maybe…

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