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20 March, 2011


When I first started to dance it was just a hobby. I love dancing !

Now dancing is my life.

I am crazy about this sport, even though some people say it is no big deal.

Dancing means much more than simple steps; it requires passion, long work hours and sometimes giving up other things. Whenever I am upset or things go wrong for me, I go to the training session and dance.

I have many friends there, we get along just fine as we share the same passion for dancing. I and my partner went to many contests and won many awards together. I will keep on dancing as long as possible because on the dance floor I feel like a princess at the ball.

Andreea Dorobanțu, 8B

26 February, 2011

   School uniform – Yes or No ?

Help me! I am so undecided about the school uniform!

Some people say that it is good for pupils, whereas the latter say they don’t like it. Grown-ups and teachers believe that a good school having students who wear uniform is much more organized and better represented than a school having students who don’t wear it.

On the other hand, we, the students, consider that school uniform restricts our freedom and creativity. Our clothes express who we are. I’d like to be modern and smart, but my nature doesn’t allow me to disappoint anyone…

Our uniform for girlsOur uniform for boys

Maybe you know better and can offer some advice. I will let you decide who is right about the school uniform…

Monica Pauna, 8B

Television  -  friend or foe?

Television as technology is great and it’s not a bad thing in itself either. However, we should pay more attention to what we hear and see on T V, and not take everything for granted.

Friend or enemy?

I can say that for me television is both a friend and an enemy. There are many good programs which ‘’steal’’ my time, although they don’t always have a good influence on me. The images and words at television can guide one’s thinking and attitude and make one act in a certain way.

There are many good and useful things we can learn about on TV, but there is also a lot of rubbish! It isn’t always easy to put your finger on what’s right and wrong.

We should use our intelligence and experience and establish some limits as far as television is concerned.

Rebeca Popescu, 8B

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