The team


Meet the team!

  • prof. Loreta Dori – coordinator (English teacher) Loreta Dori - coordinator - English teacher
  • prof. Cristina Prodan – technical support (Music teacher)
  • Răzvan Vișoiu – 6B
  • Karina Ghiță – 7A
  • Valeriu Ivan – 7A
  • Andreea Preda – 8B
  • Andreea Tocitu – 8B
  • Mădălina Toma – 8B
  • Alice Colț – 8B Cristina Prodan - technical support - Music teacher
  • Monica Păuna – 8B
  • Rebeca Popescu – 8B
  • Georgiana Lungu – 8B
  • Andreea Dorobanțu 8B
  • Denisa Petre – 8B
  • Ioana Nicolae – 8B
  • Alexandru Ungureanu – 8B
  • Adina Zahanagiu 8B


The Team - 8B

 Valeriu Ivan - 7A Karina Ghiță - 7A


We all like English and team working. We are sociable, good fun and friendly people. We like challanges and this blog  is a challenge for us. We are happy to see that a lot of kids in our school have found this blog interesting and the number of viewers proves this.

Our school already had a blog in Romanian and it seemed like a good idea to have one in English as well. Why not? we thought.

So, this ideea came into being at  the beginning of February 2011. We truly hope to keep on posting interesting things, although some of us will leave this school in June.

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