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Waiting for the spring

27 Feb


Endless winter and blankets of snow everywhere…

How could anyone persuade the sun to come out and shine?

How can the Earth reveal its new colorful miracles when the white army of snowflakes seems to prevail and refuses to give up? Winter is fine, provided that it doesn’t last too long.

We all miss spring; we all miss the friendly sunbeams, the scent of the flowers filling up the air, the shy shades of green adorning the trees. We all miss the magic of spring, for it celebrates LIFE !




Welcome !

26 Feb

Hello!WE would like to thank you for choosing our blog. Let me tell you who we are and what we intend.

We are teachers and students at “I.A.BASSARABESCU” school and we want to make our voice heard. We also like English very much, that’s why we’ve chosen this language to express our opinions and thoughts.

Our team consists of dedicated people who are proud to work in this school and who hope to offer interesting information about it and those who study here.

Blog english

What you are going to read is written by our schoolmates who want to share their points of view, perspectives and ideas. Do not judge us too harshly and take into account that we are sixth, seven and eighth graders who will do their best.


Hello world!

18 Feb

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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